McDermott plans to bowl through college


Riley Mize

Evan McDermott bowls against Carbondale Jan. 12.

Ellie Rann, Staff Writer

Senior Evan McDermott has been a great part of the Bulldog’s bowling team for the past four years. He has accomplished much in his high school years and hopes to continue bowling in college. 

McDermott has grown up around the sport of bowling thanks to his father, Barry McDermott. 

“I first began bowling when I was around four years old because my father got me into it,” E. McDermott said. 

Evan’s father is the coach of the boys bowling team and has played a major role in E. McDermott’s improvement. 

“Bowling has always come easy for Evan,” B. McDermott said.  “He has also had a lot of fun with the sport. He has been involved in other sports but excelled the most in bowling. As one of the Bulldog Bowling coaches, I was happy he chose to pursue bowling as his main sport and an avenue to help with paying his college tuition.”

McDermott has continued to improve greatly as he’s gotten older and learned more about the sport.

“Evan started with the bowling league on Saturdays at Ross Cottom Lanes,” B. McDermott said. “This opened the door to compete in scholarship tournaments including Pepsi State tournament, Jr. Gold Championship and Youth Open Tournaments.” 

While he is proud of his achievements, E. McDermott really enjoys much of his time being with his friends and teammates. 

“My favorite part of bowling is doing it with my team and all of the memories that come with it,” E. McDermott said. 

McDermott’s father agrees that other bowlers have helped E. McDermott with his achievements. 

“Evan is good at watching and learning. He has also had many great bowlers that have helped him improve over the years,” B. McDermott said. 

Evan’s final HHS post-season will begin at the Bowling Regional Jan. 14 in Mount Vernon. 

“I expect to make it to state as a team this year, along with placing individually,” McDermott said.

McDermott’s high school bowling career is coming to a close, but it is not the end overall for him.

“I hope to continue to go far with bowling in college, but I will continue my studies in mechanical engineering,” E. McDermott said.

McDermott has recently committed to Oklahoma Christian University, where his sister Claire McDermott also attends.

“I think it is awesome that Evan and Claire will be at the same college,” B. McDermott said. “Being a college athlete takes a lot of discipline and work. Oklahoma Christian University is a great school. They have been very generous in the scholarships they have provided for Claire and Evan and for that I am truly grateful. It is a dream come true to have both of my kids bowling in college.” 

McDermott is grateful for the coaches during his years at HHS, and is looking forward to bowling with his father one last time

“The reason I have improved over the years is because of the coaching I have received from my dad and coach Doug Cottom,” McDermott said.