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Fine arts face difference in funding among activities

Fine arts face difference in funding among activities

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Writer January 31, 2023

Many people say money makes the world go around, this is no different in school. But how is money being distributed among competitive activities? Is every group being given the necessary financial opportunity?...

Sophomore Shaeyhoni Villasana checks her phone during her physical education class.

Smartphone addiction threatens teens’ mental health

Sarah Girtman, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

Many people say that “your phone is a drug”? Well that is actually true. When we look at our phones, our brains release a small shot of dopamine. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter made in the...

MEGAN hits theaters with bang

‘MEGAN’ hits theaters with bang

Bailee Clifton, Staff Writer January 11, 2023

     “MEGAN,” originally set to hit theaters Jan. 13, was expected to meet high standards after it was announced that Blumhouse, one of the most influential horror production companies, would be...

Students struggle with scholarship applications

Students struggle with scholarship applications

Kelee Mills, Staff Writer January 6, 2023

As students in their senior year, they start to think about life after high school.  If the student is going to college, then scholarships can be a huge help in paying for the classes or their books....

Homework causes unnecessary stress in students

Homework causes unnecessary stress in students

Ethan Golish, Guest Writer January 6, 2023

Imagine a teacher standing up and declaring, “No more homework!” Students all over the world from all ages and backgrounds would go crazy to hear this. Unfortunately, that excitement is not something...

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Choose careers based on passion, not money

Ellie Rann, Staff Writer December 16, 2022

Money vs. Passion—an internal conflict each person must face at some point in their life. On one hand, we hear parents, friends, or relatives telling us to be realistic and find a job that pays well....

Its time for a time change.

It’s time for a time change.

Ayden Price , Staff Writer November 30, 2022

It's winter time and that means it’s daylight savings and the students at HHS are not happy about it. Personally, I'm not too fond of daylight savings time (DST) because it messes up my sleep schedule. According...

Students struggle with end of semester burn out

Students struggle with end of semester burn out

Sarah Girtman November 10, 2022

Students tend to go into the year with high expectations for their year. They come to school energetic and prepared, and some even come excited. But, as the semester progresses, the students often become...

New committee needs student input

New committee needs student input

Ayden Price , Staff Writer November 7, 2022

Teachers have realized that the students are not having the best time at school. Some of the teachers got together, formed a committee, and talked about how to make school more fun. The school's goal is...

¨Halloween Ends¨ movie poster from

‘Halloween Ends’ flops in trilogy´s final installment

Triton Kielhorn, Staff Writer October 28, 2022

Micheal Myers and Laurie Strode have been a major part of the horror genre the last 40 years. The ¨Halloween¨ franchise has been through a lot of reinventions throughout the years. The latest trilogy...

Senior English teacher Elizabeth Dawe goes over a Powerpoint with her seventh hour class to prepare for their college essay unit.

Semester exams approaching quickly

Bailee Clifton, Staff Writer October 20, 2022

Midterms are here, and that means students are starting to realize that semester exams will be administered before Christmas break. Worrying about grades, missing assignments, and especially how many days...

Get those facts straight

Get those facts straight

Ayden Price , Staff Writer September 29, 2022

Rumors are easy to start. One might tell the truth to a friend and that friend might repeat it, but might mix the words just a little. Before you know it, false information is being circulated.  Social...

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