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Leak reveals Supreme Court’s challenge to Roe v. Wade

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Reporter May 12, 2022

Due to a leak, many have heard about the Supreme Court’s reconsideration of the 1973 Roe v. Wade court ruling. In short, this case ended with giving women the legal right to decide whether or not they...

Infographic provided by Autism Societys website

April is a time to embrace, accept autistic community

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Writer April 25, 2022

Now that April has arrived, there are hundreds of Facebook posts and Instagram stories being shared about Autism Acceptance Month, formerly known as Autism Awareness Month. April is recognized as...

Students leave for lunch earlier this year.

Students cite need for longer lunch period

Kelee Mills, Staff Writer April 21, 2022

Have you ever had to scarf your food down at lunch so quickly that it made your stomach hurt? When we eat at the school in the cafeteria, if we don´t get down there fast enough then we have to wait in...

Photo Illustration: The country has been waiting to get rid of masks for almost two years. Finally, students get to do so in Illinois schools.

Mask mandate no more

Drew Hawkins, Staff Writer March 9, 2022

A judge in Sangamon County recently ruled it unconstitutional for schools, J.B. Pritzker, and the Illinois State Board of Education to enforce masks in schools. This decision by the judge left some schools...

There are many ways for students to show what they know. Why not employ them?

Why can’t people test in different ways?

Sarah Girtman March 4, 2022

Do you do better gathering information when it is spoken to you or when you can see it yourself? Maybe a mixture of both. Some people might learn better when they’re doing an activity with the material...

Students could make better use of their time than filling out countless surveys.

Sick of surveys? I am!

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Writer February 23, 2022

Have you ever been in a situation where you may have forgotten a bit of your homework from the day before, and plan to complete it in advisory only to hear that there’s a super important survey that...

2021 in review

2021 in review

Sarah Girtman January 21, 2022

This past year has been one to remember. We have had a lot of important events take place. The inauguration of a new President and Vice President, new holidays, new vaccines, etc.

Drew Hawkins inside view of what stood in the path of the tornado.

First-hand look into devastating demolition

Drew Hawkins, Staff Writer January 20, 2022

One of the most devastating tornadoes on record hit Mayfield, Kentucky late Friday, Dec. 10, 2021.  The devastation to Mayfield and other towns along its path is much worse than what happened here...

Caution: Coaching strategy can suppress student sign-up

Paxton Garbel , Staff Writer January 3, 2022

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had an immense passion for a sport but the coaches make you want to never play again? This is a common problem among high school students. The problems...

Why pay gap in WNBA isnt sexist

Why pay gap in WNBA isn’t sexist

Drew Hawkins, Staff Writer November 15, 2021

There is a huge pay gap between the NBA and the WNBA. Though it may seem sexist, it isn’t. How many people do you know that regularly watch the WNBA? Can you name one person that is a real WNBA fan?...

Principal Scott Dewar leads the fans in Big Dogs, Little Dogs.

Supporting all Bulldogs builds school morale

Ryan Wilson, Staff Writer November 12, 2021

Imagine playing the biggest game of your life in a sport you have played since you were a child. The score is tied, the competition is fierce and it all comes down to this moment. Gathering your thoughts,...

Freshman James Hutchison  uses  his cell phone after Algebra 1.

Small devices have big effects

Sarah Girtman November 5, 2021

For years social media has been taking over people’s lives. People are constantly on it, looking at the latest post or being the latest post. According to the American Academy of Child and  Adolescent...

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