Superintendent resigns leaving district wondering what’s next


Sarah Girtman

Executive board members met at the Sept. 20 meeting. They discussed upcoming events, and voted on things within the district.

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Writer

Among many changes this school year, one more has occurred in the district in the form of Dr. Eric Witges resigning and taking a new job with Farmer’s Insurance. 

This has left the district with no permanent superintendent, with Mike Gauch filling the position temporarily and principal Scott Dewar taking the reins until the end of the semester.

“ (Witges) resigned at the September school board meeting,” Dewar said.

His resignation was brought upon by a new job opportunity.

“He explained to us it was a different opportunity in a field he was employed in prior to his education career,” school board member Jonathan Russell said.

Witges had been working with the district since 2020. He was the principal at West Side before moving into the superintendent’s role.

“He did an internship, and he did that all of 2020,” Dewar said. “I would put in the fall of 2021 he started training for this position.”

Since Witges’ resignation, the district has looked to Gauch to temporarily fill the position. Dewar takes over the temporary position in November.

“My role is to just kind of keep the ship afloat until we find a permanent superintendent,” Dewar said. 

Witges’ decision to resign in the middle of the school year has brought some unique challenges.

“It is difficult to find a replacement during the school year,” Russell said. “Many administrators are under contracts in other districts, but we’ve already had several candidates apply already and (have) conducted interviews.”

Hiring a superintendent is different from hiring any other kind of employee for the district.

“There are many factors involved, not only with experience, but the district needs different leaders at different times,” Russell said. “When Gauch was hired, the district was facing many financial strains and we needed someone to focus on budgeting, reviewing tax levies, as well as managing the staff.”

Dewar agrees that good leadership is an important quality for a potential candidate to have.

“(The) number one quality you need to have is leadership skills,” Dewar said. “You have to be able to lead the district, and you have to have a vision. 

Dewar will be the acting superintendent from Nov. 1. to Dec. 21.