Pumpkin decorating contest ends Friday


Ayden Price

Juniors Mackenzie Partain and Brea Pass work hard to finish their pumpkin for the contest voting on Friday.

Ellie Rann, Staff Writer

In the spirit of Halloween, advisory classes were invited to decorate a pumpkin for a friendly competition.

The Culture Club Committee, a group of faculty members who decided to start a new tradition that would be fun for everyone. The committee was created to focus on activities for the students at HHS that didn’t correspond with academics.

“We wanted to bring the building together and do something that everyone can enjoy,” Culture Club member Mrs.Beverly Alvey said.

Advisory period is for students to work on school work and have club meetings, but the Culture Club wanted to create a fun activity during that time that doesn’t have to do with academics.

“Since the homeroom classes remain the same every year, we wanted to start a tradition that would bring the classes together to do something fun,” Alvey said.

There are only a few rules for this competition.

“You can decorate the pumpkin any way you would like, but you can not carve them due to safety precautions. The decorating must be appropriate as well,” Alvey said.

Media specialist Heather Cox, also a member of the Culture Club, decided to start this activity with the homeroom classes.

“This is a great activity to kick off team building and build connections with the homerooms,” Cox said.

Many students are excited about the new Halloween activity, but others have little interest.

I have a couple of students in my homeroom who took the lead on the project,” English teacher Cathy Wall said. Wall’s advisory students are juniors.

The committee is excited to start new traditions like this one for the future. 

“There will be more activities this year to participate in with your homerooms, but we’re not sure what those are yet,”Alvey said. 

The voting will take place Monday by the students at West Side Primary School. 

“The pumpkins are due Friday by the end of homeroom and West Side students will vote Monday morning. We’re excited to see who takes the prize,” Cox said.