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Wreck-less while driving


Stay focused, follow the speed limit, don’t drink and drive, wear a seatbelt, avoid distractions. While these things are being taught in driver’s education, some still do not follow the rules that keep them safe. 

When driving, prioritizing safety and respecting others on the road prevents the chance of getting in a wreck. A license, as we are often told, is a privilege because The choices made behind the wheel determine the outcome of others’ futures.

Teens often push aside thoughts of the worst of accidents to think of the ones that won’t hurt anyone. They often think that would never and could never happen to them. However, according to Teen Driver Car Accident Statistics by Edgar Snyder & Associates, almost 400,000 teenagers in auto accidents sustained injuries serious enough to require emergency treatment

Driving is one of the biggest factors in one’s life. At some point, most have been in a car. With some more cautious than others, reckless driving still occurs today. We still see more than 13,000 people die a year according to Overview Of Auto, Car & Aviation Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents from reckless driving. 

Driving safety is about respect, respect for the other drivers and self-respect as well. It’s not just about avoiding accidents. Respecting others while on the road, staying far back enough to stop in case of an emergency, driving the speed limit, and making sure to use a turn signal are all things that respect the other drivers and the rules of the road. These contribute to controlling the number of accidents that happen.

According to Santa Rosa Car Accident Lawyer driving too fast for conditions or over the posted speed limits contributes to auto accidents and accident fatalities. As well as NHTSA | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that the top reason for accidents is that we’re driving too fast for the road conditions.

One thing that we could work on is speeding. Without speeding most accidents would be mainly injuries; with speeding more accidents are fatal. Adding in more cameras at stop lights, as well as speed bumps and sign detectors would help cut down some of the speeding we see today.

Eliminating distractions that may keep us from paying attention to the road is also important. “In 2020, 7% of drivers ages 15-20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted” according to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Eliminating texting and driving could save someone’s life. Something as simple as turning on DND or driving focus can take away most distractions from the phones. Turning the phone completely off can also take away distractions. In extreme conditions, we can pull over to make a text or call, or if someone is available in the car, ask them to help. 

To improve the quality of life in our small town we need to stay focused, follow the speed limit, wear a seatbelt and avoid distractions. By making these choices we can reduce the number of accidents on the road as well as making sure the roads are safer for all drivers.

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Riley Mize
Riley Mize, Staff Writer
Riley Mize is a senior at Harrisburg High School. This is her second year on the Purple Clarion staff. She participates in YFC and White Hats. Riley also likes to take photos, hiking and traveling.  After high school she plans on attending a university in Colorado, pursue her career in nursing and to become a nurse anesthetist.  “Allowing students to express what is going on in the world through stories and articles, being allowed to put their opinion in things if they feel a certain way about something, is really something I am grateful we get to do, and is also important.” 

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