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Ultra processed foods pose health risks

Kennedy Borders
Senior Bryleigh Lewis and Sydney DeVous measure flour in Eliza Arnold Advanced Food Science class.

      Ultra-processed food is an industrially formulated edible substance derived from natural food or synthesized from other organic compounds. Synthesized from other organic compounds.    According to Why Ultra-Processed Foods Are So Bad for You by Time writer Tara Law, scientists who research ultra-processed foods say that there seems to be something about the processing itself—not just the nutrition content—that makes them unhealthy

     But, whole foods are more expensive to buy, making it harder for people to eat healthy according to Is Healthy Food Actually More Expensive. The article also says that there are many people on a budget, so buying expensive food with less quantity is not an option.

     According to The American Society for Nutrition, there have been many disagreements against ultra processed foods, it’s  affecting the environment by using less natural resource.

     “I think you should eat more natural food to stay healthy. Processed foods are known to cause cancer, and there are many health risks associated with them,”  food science teacher Eliza Arnold said.   

     According to The Washington Post, “A review of research involving almost 10 million people has found a direct association between eating too many ultra-processed foods- those breads, cereals, snacks and frozen meals that have been industrially manufactured with flavors and additives to make them more palatable- and more than 30 health conditions. 

     Eliminating food that someone is used to being in their diet is not easy. Acknowledging the food is less healthy than other choices, and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle may be challenging for those who have grown up with it according to Arnold. 

     “It is not easy to cut the processed foods out of your diet because of the convenience of them,” Arnold said.  “It is something you have to make a conscious effort to avoid and choose healthier options.”  

     Agriculture teacher Chris Evans believes that informing students of the ingredients in their food can help them prevent a critical condition in their future. 

     “I teach my students about processed food so they are informed about where the food they eat originates from and how it is raised or grown before processing,” Evans said. 

       Maintaining a healthy diet will help persons stay healthy and feel better. It also helps increase ones lifespan according to Habits To Follow To Live A Longer Life. “Students should eat fresh vegetables, fruit, beef, poultry, and pork for a healthy option,” Evans said. 

     Some believe schools should provide kids with a healthy meal that’s going to keep them energized through the rest of the day.According to The Washington Post  “weak regulatory standards and industry power have even allowed ultra-processed foods like Lunchables to make their way onto school menus.”

     Teaching students the importance of eating healthy so, in the future, they can teach their children and keep them in good health is essential according to Healthy Eating Learning Opportunities and Nutrition Education. “I think it’s very important in today’s world of food choices for students to be informed about their food and how it affects their body now and in the future,” Evans said.

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