Chalk contest makes comeback


Braxtyn Baugher

A Marion student works to complete her team’s winning entry.

Braxtyn Baugher

The annual chalk drawing contest was held at Harrisburg Middle School Thursday, Oct. 22. There were 38 teams in attendance, nine of which were from HHS. 

All of the teams had the same amount of time to work on their artwork, which was three and a half hours. 

“At first I only went to the contest to get out of school, but once I got there I realized how fun art can actually be and I honestly can’t wait till next year’s competition,” sophomore Tessa Harrison said.

The whole world knows how much COVID has impacted schools. Everything shut down, even decade long traditions. 

“I was definitely nervous about hosting the chalk contest because it is such a well-loved event by the people of Harrisburg and all of our visiting schools,” art teacher Emily Wallace said. “I was especially nervous since we were coming back to the tradition after COVID. I am really happy that it came together with the support of our Harrisburg art students, the Harrisburg faculty and staff, and all of the visiting art teachers.”

Wallace was pleased with the final product. 

“The outcome of the event was very positive,” Wallace said. “All of the schools who participated were proud of the artwork they created and happy to share their art at the competition.” 

Marion took home first and second place honors with Harrisburg capturing third. The teacher’s choice award went to a team from Carmi-White County. . 

Wallace said that she loved watching all of the different techniques used by the other schools. 

“In the future, we think it would be interesting to have a way for the junior high students who come out to see the artwork give comments to the artists or vote for a “student’s choice award,” said Wallace.