Former Saluki training Big Dogs

Paxton Garbel, staff writer

Change is a good thing especially when it comes with a Bulldog victory.

This year the Harrisburg varsity football team is under new leadership, history teacher and former assistant coach Matt Griffith has stepped into the lead position and the results have been encouraging for Bulldog football fans.

Griffith is a former Salukis football player. He has plans for new forms of respect and tactical methods not only on but off the field as well.

“The main goals for this year was to establish a good culture along with turning these boys into respectable men,” Griffith said. “The boys need a winning record to make it to the playoffs and that is what we are striving for during this season.”

The team has been adapting to the new coaching staff, but just like any other team, Griffith and the boys have faced many roadblocks. “The biggest roadblock is ourselves,” Griffith said.

“Getting over simple mistakes and knowing our assignments. Every team is a roadblock; we don’t play any bad teams.”

The boys had a winning record of 4-2 at press time. This is a great improvement from last year’s record of 2-4.

Griffith expects the same growth in himself that he asks of his players.

“The last four years I have been just offensive line and defensive line,” Griffith said. “This year was the first year I have ever called an offensive series. Plus I have worked with my other coaches on coming up with better game plans and how to put them in action.” Griffith isn’t the only one noticing his improvements.

“I think Griffith has improved. He has a lot of energy and has changed this team from one that is just playing football to one that is loving football. Just look at the record,” Dog Pound leader Ryan Wilson.

This season has electrified school spirit as well. The Dog Pound travels to away games to cheer the team on.

Player have seen a ground up change in the way things are done. “Practices are much more organized and productive. We have a pretty good personal level with Griffith, he has always been real with us. Practices and games are very serious, and it has turned our team into a winning team,” senior Sam Martin said.