Students have chance to find treasure at upcoming events

Sarah Girtman, Staff Writer

For anyone who likes a good deal, there are two upcoming events that might be of interest. The Key Club and Matrix are partnering to host a prom dress giveaway, and on the same day the band will be hosting a rummage sale in Davenport Gym. The events will take place March 25.

This is the band’s seventh year of hosting this fundraiser, but this one is to help with the expenses for an upcoming trip to march at Disneyland in May. The sale is March 25 from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. The money raised will be divided between the band students to offset their individual costs for the trip.  

“The band students are the ones selling their items and the money they get from it goes straight to their individual funds for the trip,” junior Ali Hankins said. Hankins is one of the drum majors. 

The students will be doing this fundraiser because it is a simple way to raise money.  

“We chose it because it’s an easier way to make money (than selling something),” freshman Kylee Bridewell said

This fundraiser will be beneficial as some may have a difficult time covering the cost of this trip without the help of this fundraiser.

“The rummage sale is a great way to help families pay for some of the cost of the trip,” sophomore Kailyn Harbison said.

The fundraiser can be a lot of work.

“It may also be hard to organize and put together, but I don’t think it’ll be that bad,” Bridewell said.

The people who will be purchasing things from the sale will also benefit from it.

“I’m excited for the rummage sale because you get to get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore, but you can also look at what other people are choosing to sell too,” Harbison said.

Meanwhile, the Key Club/Matrix event will be happening on the other end of the building in the English wing. The event will take place from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Students will need to enter Door 9.

This event is meant to help students who may not be able to afford a prom dress.

“During homecoming, we talked with several students who were having trouble footing the bill for that event,” Key Club advisor Cathy Wall said. “Prom is even more expensive, so we are hoping to take some of the financial burden off students.”

An advantage to this event is that students can direct their focus to other Prom expenses.

“I think it means students can use the resources that they would normally invest in a prom dress and redirect them toward other prom expenses or to other expenses the family may be facing,” Wall said.

The giveaway will be completely confidential, and will respect the recipients privacy.

“There will be no other students present at the giveaway, so other students will not know if a participant got their dress or shoes from the event,” Wall said.

Most of the dresses will not even be donated by students who attend the school.

“Most of the dresses are being donated from people who are no longer in school,” Wall said. “Our first donor mentioned that she used to do pageants, and so the dresses weren’t even worn to prom. Another donation was of a dress that was purchased for prom and then never worn. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would recognize the dresses.” 

There are some dresses that have already been guaranteed.

“We have around 30 dresses promised at this point, but I am accepting donations through the rest of the week,” Wall said. “I don’t really have a number, but I hope that we can provide dresses to students who can use them.”

This is the first year for Key Club to participate in the giveaway.

“I think Matrix did an event last year, but it is Key Club’s first time to participate,” Wall said. “If we have a sufficient turnout, I can see us hosting an event for Homecoming and Prom next year.”