Soccer kicks things in gear


Riley Mize

The girls soccer team goes through warm-up drills before beginning practice.

Riley Mize, Staff Writer


Students in the soccer program  are excited and ready for what this year’s season has in store. The girls are building their strength and skills to prepare themselves for their first game March 18. 

Soccer involves a lot of skill and hard work according to senior Emma Myers. She believes the skills and   the footwork  are very important. 

“Being able to reapply the skills that we learn is important,” Myers said. “But being able to pass the ball and work it up the field as a team is even more important. I think before going into a game you need to understand that you are playing a team that is just like you and to not have a mindset that they are better than you are, but instead have a mindset that you are going to do the best that you can and to give 110%.” 

At the same time, while they’re focusing on building their skills  Baxter is focusing on new defensive skills. She is very confident about her team and how they play. 

“In any sport there is always room for improvement,” Baxter said. “We are working on putting all of our skills together to work as a team. With the amount of talent we have, we just need to mesh it up. I am so proud of my girls. They show up and work hard every practice. They ask lots of questions and ask what they can do to improve. I’m looking forward to this season and how it unfolds for the girls. 

 Junior Bella Capuzzo says that the girls are ready and excited for their first game as well as what the rest of this season has to uphold. 

“We have a lot of potential this year,”  Capuzzo said. “Everyone’s putting in a lot of work so we can have a good and successful season this year. Coming into this first game I strongly believe that everyone is excited and happy to get this season started to see what it has in line for us.”

Throughout practices the team continues to support each of their players and make sure that they are all prepared for their game and believe in themselves. Senior Abbie Graham is very passionate about this aspect of the game. 

“I am very confident in this year’s team,” Graham said.  “Not only are we more experienced and know what we are doing, but I think we are all performing extremely well. We also get along well, and we are good about bringing one another up.”

While soccer does contain a lot of practice, coaching and learning, junior Mckenna Boon said the quote 

“Just because you’re not the fastest on the team doesn’t mean you can’t be the best you can possibly be” has really motivated her.

“I took this to heart and really worked to be the best I can possibly be,” said Boon. “Everyone around you wants you to succeed, but it’s up to you to make it happen. You have to keep your head up about everything and push forward.”