Cross Country heading to Regionals


Senior Maren Russel running in the girls cross country meet.

Caleigh Whiting, Staff Writer

The cross country team has had an amazing season so far, which can be thanks in part to coach Chuck Ingram. Ingram has been coaching cross country for 48 years.

The team has competed in 10 races so far this season and senior Luke Winkleman has three first place finishes.

“I think the most important part of practice is giving your all in the workouts, while also doing the little things outside of practice. Whether it be recovering properly or eating right before a race,” Winkleman said. “The little things really add up to make a huge difference.”

Cross country runners’ strength and endurance is what gets them to the end. According to junior Cameron Carnett, encouragement from teammates is enough to give someone the courage they did not have before.

“Luke and (junior) Malachi Black have really stepped up as leaders this season,” Carnett said. “They push us to keep going. I also think that we, as team, have a really good chance of making it to Regionals.” 

Regionals for cross country is Oct. 22, and HHS will be hosting the meet at the Harrisburg Middle School. Harrisburg has not hosted a postseason race since 2019. Sectionals are Oct. 29 at Benton City Park. 

“I think there is a great chance of us making it to Sectionals as a team, as long as we push through and don’t give up,”  Winkleman said.  

There were not enough girls to make up a girls cross country team. However, there are individual runners such as senior Maren Russell, who also thinks the team has a good chance at regionals. 

“I believe the boys have a fair chance at making it to regionals as a team,” Russell said. “We might have a girl or two making it to regionals as individuals.” 

Many runners appreciate how coach Ingram has helped them improve this season, especially Russell. 

“Coach Ingram has been training us intensely and on many days, pushing us to our limit,” Russell said. “He gives us advice on how to better improve our running technique and encourages us at both our practices and meets.”