Bulldog football is coming to an end


Sopphomore Bulldogs pile up against the Benton Rangers.

Riley Mize , Staff Writer

The sophomore football team has only lost one game so far this season, and they are pushing to not lose any more.

“Practice is going well and everything runs the way we need it to in order to win and play how we would want to in the game,” sophomore Xander Robinson said. “Everyone just needs to keep doing everything like we normally do in practice. If we do that then I believe that we will win the next couple of games.” 

The sophomore team is very confident in the team and themselves. They believe that they have been prepared super well by their coaches.

“I believe myself and the team are ready for their last game. The coaches have done an amazing job of preparing us and getting us ready for the games,” Robinson said. 

The sophomores have an upcoming game against Herrin Oct. 17 and their last game Oct. 22 at Carterville.

.  “The end of the season is never something you look forward to,” freshman Brody Nyberg said. “I’m ready to be back on the field next season.”

The freshman football team have their last game Oct. 20 at Carterville. Some players are not very happy with how they played this season. 

“I believe that we will beat Carterville. If we play as a team and work together we have a good chance of winning. I’m not very happy with how we have played so far,” freshmen Gage Thomas said. “We do not have a good record. I am hoping that next season we will do a lot better than we did this season.”