Bulldogs win Homecoming game


Bulldogs and Patriots all join in for a pile Sept. 23.

Riley Mize, Staff Writer

The varsity Bulldogs won their Homecoming game against Massac County with a score of 42-0. They have worked hard trying to be the best that they can to meet expectations of coach Matt Griffith. 

Prior to kickoff, the new field house and soccer field were named. Former head coach Al Way felt very appreciative that his name was recognized for the new field house according to the Southern Illinoisan. Officials also named the soccer field after Michael Herrin. 

The Bulldogs are preparing to go up against the Benton Rangers this Friday. They are feeling good about the upcoming game. 

“(Friday)  was our best performance so far,  yet we knew what we needed to,” junior Triton Kielhorn said. “Even though we had a few hiccups, we didn’t stress too much over it.” 

The game against the Benton Rangers Friday is one of the biggest games for the Bulldogs because of the team’s history with Benton. According to junior Mason Reeder, the Rangers have some definite strengths.

“They are very aggressive,” Reeder said. “They are not scared to run the same play over and over again. It’s going to come down to who is ready to be more mean.”

The Bulldogs know that when the Rangers come to town it’s going to be a long week of practice and hard work.

“It’s a lot of work, but  it is also a very big week. I am very confident in the team that we will do well in the upcoming game,” Kielhorn said.

Team players see the need for improvement. While only losing one game, the Bulldogs need to buckle down and get a grip on things. 

“It’s going to take a lot of time and dedication to get where we want to be. We need to buckle down and not stress over little things. We need to work all week and start focusing only on what we need to fix,” Kielhorn said.