Lockers return to school after three years


Sarah Girtman

Freshman Kylee Bridewell goes to her locker before class starts. Freshmen were the first group to be assigned a locker.

Sarah Girtman, Staff Writer

Lockers haven’t been a part of high school life for the past three years, since the breakout of COVID-19. To follow the state laws concerning the pandemic, schools prohibited students from using them. Last year, due to safety precautions, they required students to use clear backpacks and again avoided the use of lockers.

This is the year they have decided to bring them back.

“We’re past COVID,” principal Scott Dewar said. “I have also had some parents and students personally reach out to me about the weight of the backpacks.”

Students started the school year without lockers due to difficulties in getting the locks for them.

“We still only have 200 locks here, so we’re still waiting on our other locks to come in,” Dewar said. “We ordered them at the beginning of school; they just haven’t arrived.”

Lockers will be assigned based on students’ grades. Seniors will be right outside of the office, while juniors will be down the hall from seniors. Some sophomores will be on the bottom floor, and some on the top floor. Freshman will be on the top floor by the science area.

The decision is still under consideration whether or not students are allowed to continue carrying clear backpacks to their classrooms.

“That is a decision going to be made by our building leadership team, and I’m gathering information,” Dewar said. “You are encouraged to carry your clear backpack to and from school.”

There will still be a  four-minute passing period to get to class.

Students’ opinions on the lockers vary. Some students are for them.

“I think they are very convenient,” freshman Caprice Carter said.

Other students oppose them.

“I don’t want lockers,” sophomore Zechariah Underwood said. “I think it is easier to carry everything in a backpack.”