Lack of lockers proves a contentious subject


Francesca Messerschmidt

Students carry heavy backpacks around during the whole school day, During COVID, lockers were taken away, but now, they will return after Labor Day.

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Writer

Ever since students at HHS have returned from the pandemic, one classic school staple has been missing– lockers. When students returned in 2020, HHS implemented a new policy banning students from using lockers.

“It started with COVID. Then we had clear backpacks for safety,” assistant principal John Crabb said. “That kind of continued into last year, with no lockers as a safety precaution.”

Now that lockers are gone, people have lots of opinions. Some think it’s a bad thing, and that it can be harmful for backs and overall health, while others like the lack of stress of having to stop at their locker in between periods.

According to a study done by Harvard Health, “…heavy loads place stress on the spine and shoulders of children, causing muscle strain and fatigue.” This is something that seems to be evident among students. Any day in the hall, people are complaining about their heavy backpacks and textbooks, and how they hurt their backs, and how much they wish they had their lockers back. Some students have to carry a few heavy textbooks, along with all of their binders, folders, Chromebooks and other school supplies. Why not at least give them a space to stow away their books until it’s time for class?

Another point that could be made against the decision to do away with lockers is the lack of storage for winter clothes. If someone has to ride the bus to school, or walk, there’s nowhere for them to store a coat or a jacket. Things like this could be dangerous to students and increase risks of things like hypothermia, especially since according to the school handbook, coats are not allowed to be brought into classrooms.

Despite there being many serious reasons people miss lockers, some also miss the fun of lockers, like decorating, talking with friends, and all the other stereotypical high school antics that come with having lockers.

While many people are distraught over the lack of lockers this year, another group doesn’t seem to mind at all. There are even some people who are glad lockers are gone. It can be argued that not having somewhere to stop between classes can cut down on tardies. Others have mentioned how when lockers were still in use, they had a hard time using it, and getting to class on time, due to people crowding around their lockers between classes. Since lockers were taken away, people have also noticed a downtick in the amount of fights.

As it currently stands, lockers are gone for good, but there is hope. In an interview, Crabb mentioned a meeting to decide the fate of the lockers. 

“I’m not saying we will or won’t have them, but after Labor Day, we’ll make a decision,” Crabb said.

Overall, HHS’ lack of lockers is a very divided issue among the student body. In my personal opinion, I don’t really care if we have lockers or not. I’m ok with carrying my books and things around the school, but I also realize that other people are not.


Principal Scott Dewar announced this morning that locker will be back in use sometime after Labor Day. Administration is currently waiting for the arrival of combination locks which will be available for $7. Only school purchased locks may be used. Clear backpacks will still be used to transport items to and from school. A decision about whether or not backpacks will be allowed in the classroom is forthcoming.