Administration says to expect a return to ‘normal’



Senior Braxtyn Baugher works on his English assignment during his study hall.

Caleigh Whiting, Staff Writer

Multiple teachers have said that this year will be a ¨normal” school year, however, what is the ¨normal¨ school year? 

According to principal Scott  Dewar, some policies will return to what they were before the schools went remote during COVID-19. These include rules that govern things such as the semester exams and social suspension. 

¨It is really refreshing, getting to have some of the opportunities that past seniors missed,” senior Braxtyn Baugher said.

While some people have forgotten about masks, this is the first year since 2019 in which students have not been required to wear masks. 

“We will actually be able to see who the kids are” after the years of wearing a mask,” frequent substitute teacher Steve Vinyard said.

While students are undoubtedly happy to leave thoughts of COVID behind, the new policies are creating some stress. 

“This year has felt very different, I feel like my teachers have been more helpful and understanding, but I am worried about the semester exams because of how strict the rules for (exemption) are,” senior Michele Johnson said.

The social suspension rule was in the handbook last year, however, it was not enforced. If a student racks up ten absences then that student will be placed on the social suspension list, which excludes that student from all extracurricular activities.  

¨I think the disciplinary measures are good, I just hope it does not affect any of my sports,¨ senior Sebastion Brown said.