Key Club celebrates end of year with annual picnic


Key Club members pick out their lunch at the picnic

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Reporter

Key Club celebrated the end of year with their annual Key Club Picnic.

They celebrated with KFC, Dairy Queen and other treats at lunch May 2.

Kaydan Angelly is this year’s freshman representative and co-chair of the Kiwanis Committee. She has been elected as next year’s treasurer.

“The picnic was really fun,” Angelly said. “The food was good. This year has also been really educational.”

Key Club participated in eight activities throughout this year. 

“Our partnership with our local Kiwanis group is incredibly valuable,” adviser Cathy Wall said. “But, each project helps someone, and that’s the heart of our club.” 

Members talked about the club’s  accomplishments this year.

“We got a good amount of money for UNICEF,” senior Rachel Hutchinson said.

Some members thought the fundraiser for the autism classroom was the club’s best achievement.

“We uplifted the community in a lot of ways,” junior Bella Hankins said. “With the autism fundraiser, we were able to help out people that don’t get the recognition they should.”

Next year’s president of the club, junior Sofie Brombaugh, is already planning for next year.

“My plan for next year is to get more students involved, and do the best job possible helping the community,” Brombaugh said. “I encourage all students to join Key Club next year because we’ll need all the help we can get.”