Fromm finding continued success in college fishing


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Former Harrisburg Fishing team member Drew Fromm is a Freshman at Wabash Valley Community College.

Drew Hawkins, Staff Writer

Fishing is a hobby for many people all around the world. For some, it is survival. For Drew Fromm, it is a sport.

The 2021 HHS graduate fishes for Wabash Valley College under scholarship and is still undecided on doing two extra years, possibly at Murray state. 

Fishing has always been a lifestyle for Fromm. “I love fishing. It’s very peaceful to me. It is a good getaway and is very addictive.”

People probably don’t realize the amount of fishing that is done around the world collegiately. Fromm over the past school year has been all over the U.S. “I have traveled to Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas, the Detroit River on Lake St. Clair on the U.S. and Canada Border, Lacrosse, Wisconsin, Leesburg, Florida on the Harris chain of Lakes, and Cherokee Lake, Tennessee. We plan on traveling to lake Guntersville, Alabama, back to Wisconsin, and to Table Rock Lake in Missouri.”

Being on a fishing team can reap a lot of benefits. “The most enjoyable part of being on the fishing team is meeting new friends from different schools. I have met a lot of very cool guys from the fishing industry.” 

“Traveling the world on my scholarship,” is another great aspect for Fromm. “Wabash pays for gas and hotels. If I win money from an event I get to keep the money unlike most schools who put the money straight in their pockets.” 

College fishing and even high school fishing is something that most high schoolers do not know about. Fromm thinks it is a great way to give HHS students a scholarship. “When I fished as a student at HHS it was hard to get a fishing team together. I didn’t have a partner for some events which was unfortunate because HHS is a bigger school compared to Galatia who had more boats and people than we did. I wish we could build our fishing program up at HHS so we can continue getting students scholarships to fish at the college level. Fishing is more than just a fun time out with your family, it’s a sport. I would like to get more people into fishing because it can be very rewarding.”