Theater department preparing for enchanting performance


Braxtyn Baugher

Hannah Drake’s showcasing of the costumes for Beast (Left) and Belle (RIght) on the Theater Department’s Instagram Page.

Braxtyn Baugher, Staff Writer

The theater department’s upcoming production is “Beauty and the Beast” which will debut Friday, March 10, and will be followed by two, possibly three more performances on March 19-20. 

The musical is a “classic” according to sophomore Ali Hankins.

Senior Kendall Vallette will play Belle in the musical.  

“Portraying such an iconic character makes me feel first, sort of honored,” Vallette said. “I get to become one of the princesses that I used to look up to as a child. I’m just super thankful, as well, to have the opportunity to play Belle.”  

The rehearsal process started just before school dismissed for Christmas break and resumed the week after students got back. The rehearsal process for the show is only about nine weeks long, which means the performers have to be very serious.  

“The practices have been very stressful thus far (especially the dancing) and I’m sure it’s only going to get more difficult from here, but I’ve been having fun despite all of the stress,” senior Luke Miller. 

Miller will play the Beast. There have been a few dance rehearsals held at the Touch of Class dance studio. The dancers have spent the past few rehearsals working  on the choreography for “Be Our Guest.”  A handful of cast members are students of Melonie Motsinger, the Touch of Class dance instructor. One of them is Hankins who is a lead dancer in the production. 

 “I think the dance rehearsals are going really well,” Hankins said. “Everyone is picking up the choreography like it’s nothing, I can’t wait to see how far they will have come when it comes time for the per performance.” 

 Since the show is very well-known, there are obviously going to be some expectations held by the cast members and even the audience. 

“Everyone has seen Beauty and the Beast at least once in their life, and songs such as “Be Our Guest”, the title track “Beauty and the  Beast” are so iconic that it’s a lot to live up to,” Vallette said. “Plus with it being an animated Disney movie and as a musical was on Broadway for 13 years, our acting needs to be better and more exaggerated than ever before.”  

Miller is confident that the cast is up for the challenge. 

“Our shows never fail to impress the audience” Miller said. “(Director Hannah) Drake has already done this show a handful of years ago so she knows her way around, what to do, what not to do, and what the audience will and won’t enjoy. With that being said, I highly encourage everyone to come and watch this show. If you do you’ll get to see me live my Troy Bolton fantasy.”  

The show offers much to draw an audience, from the familiar story and songs to the costuming according to Vallette.  

“This show itself is just huge. The enchanted costumes that are being made by our costume designer, Janet Hart, will be whimsical, the dancing will be stellar, and the set will be amazing as usual. This show is no easy feat, but that’s exactly why everyone should come to watch. You will get to see all of the cast’s hard work and dedication pay off  in the most enchanted way possible.”