YAMS group offers lifelong skills to local young adults


The YAMS group will meet April 24 at the Support Deck at 6 Veterans Drive in Harrisburg from 5:30-7:00 PM. This month’s theme is “Expressing Yourself Through Art”. Photo Provided.

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Writer

In a time where youth mental health struggles are in the spotlight, local facilities are doing more to offer support for young adults. One upcoming program is the Young Adult Mentor Series (YAMS) through Egyptian Health Department (EHD).

The YAMS program hopes to offer support and life skills to young adults in the area and surrounding counties.

The main goal of YAMS is to assist young adults in growing into efficient and functional adults.

“The program provides a safe place for transitional age youth to come and learn life skills,” Peer Support Provider Coordinator Linnea Hodge said. “We provide resources and skills that will assist young adults.”

Each meeting focuses on a different skill that will be beneficial for the future.

“Some of our past topics have been Financial Literacy, Community Resources, Narcan training, Healthy relationships, Goal setting, and Time management,” Hodge said.

The next topic will be focused on art and self-expression.

“The topic for April will be “Expressing Yourself through Art”. Dinner is also provided at each group,” Hodge said.

Peer Support Provider Dylan Comer believes that the social aspect of YAMS is one of the most beneficial parts of the group.

“You can always teach someone to do some thing, but a community of people learning and growing together and strengthening social bonds, and ties is good for everyone,” Comer said. “A lot of people have become disconnected with their communities. This allows for the building of friendships, the building of community ties that truly helps, individuals and communities flourish long-term.”

The group is open to most high school students who are interested in attending. The primary focus is on young adults in the transitional age group. 

“All young adults are welcome. The average age of transitional age youth is 16-21,” Hodge said. 

YAMS will meet next April 27 at the Support Deck in Harrisburg. Anyone can show up and dinner is provided.

“The best way to get involved is to just join us for one of our upcoming sessions,” Comer said.