New committee needs student input

Ayden Price, Staff Writer

Teachers have realized that the students are not having the best time at school. Some of the teachers got together, formed a committee, and talked about how to make school more fun. The school’s goal is to make the day less depressing and not just work, go home and repeat. But I believe a key component is missing – student voice. 

The first thing that the committee did was create a pumpkin decorating contest. The contest was a good way for each advisory class to come together and come up with an idea for what their pumpkin should be. It met the committee’s idea that they don’t want school to be just about work. We just want to have fun and that’s what the committee wants all of the students to do,  just have some fun and not be so busy with schoolwork.

 But what do the students think of the pumpkin contest and now the turkey competition? Personally, I think it’s an okay thing to do, but it doesn’t really make me want to try to win. One reason is that there are not a lot of people in my advisory class who participate because either they are leaving the class or simply don’t care. An added problem is I think that maybe the room will be too noisy for those students who want to concentrate on their homework due to the contests we are having.

 Some students are happy that the turkey competition is fun. I mean, who doesn’t like to win? But, I think time would be better spent on something we don’t do at all like mental health counseling, mindfulness activities like meditation or yoga, homework, or even just talking with our friends.

  Now I know that school is a little depressing, but I’m not sure that the committee really understands why we feel this way. We have to wake up, go to school, do our homework, go home and repeat this the whole week. Some students also have after-school activities that make life even more stressful such as jobs, sports, fine arts, clubs, or just taking care of younger siblings. School is already stressful, and what I want most is to just take a nap. School is a full-time job but I’m not getting paid. Then after school, I have to go to my actual job, then get home and clean my room, and do laundry and homework. These activities aren’t going to change that. 

The school can actually be more fun if they listen to the students. Some of the things that the school can do is have more pep rallies. They are so much fun, and a lot of kids come to them to just have fun. Students would like more in-class work so we don’t have to bring work home. I would also like to see more casual dances after a sporting event. Having students on the committee could help make sure that the activities that are planned are something the majority of students would enjoy.