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Homework hurts more than it helps


Students are in school for about seven hours a day and are constantly working through those hours.  I think homework should be nonexistent, because why would we work all day just to go home and do more school work. I do understand if a student didn’t finish their assignment during class and needs to go home and work on it, but that’s a different story. I think homework is stressful, and I feel the school should have a big talk about what they need to change in order to help the students. 

Some say that homework would be beneficial. The University of San Diego Online says¨homework helps students develop good study habits and life skills. Being responsible for completing at-home assignments helps students practice organization, time management, following directions, critical thinking and independent problem-solving.¨ I feel there are other ways you can learn these skills. Doing homework just makes me mad after a hard day at school, and if I don’t finish the assignment it makes me not want to go to school the next morning.    

When I go home I usually have chores and other responsibilities that I attend to. The last thing I want to do is my homework. In addition to that, my mom and dad are not home at the time to help me if I get stuck on a problem. Thankfully when my parents get home from work they will help me even if they are tired or have had a bad day. This is not the case for some students. Not everyone has a great home life, and I feel like the school doesn’t understand that. So students who get help will do better than those that didn’t get help sadly. According to the University of the People it says ¨while many people think that homes are a beneficial environment for children to learn, not all homes provide a healthy environment, and there may be very little investment from parents. Some parents do not provide any kind of support or homework help, and even if they would like to, due to personal barriers, they sometimes cannot. Homework can create friction between children and their parents, which is one of the reasons why homework is bad

I also am a big supporter of mental health. School these days is already hard enough for us. Sometimes I just want to go home and sleep. Students need to have time where we can feel relaxed and think about our day.  According to Healium, ¨students who reported spending more than two hours per night on homework experienced higher stress levels and physical health issues.¨ Another thing is anxiety caused by the assignments. What if I really can’t finish my homework? I guess that just means I will miss points and it will drop my grade; but some people are not okay with that. 

Above all, if a student has a job or plays sports they would know how hard it is to come home and do homework. I know I’m tired and not motivated to do the best I can. Even if I do end up doing homework it may take a long time resulting in less sleep which would make me tired the next day. So even when I’m at school, it won’t be the best possible work I can do, because I was  up so late doing work from the previous day. Based on NIH News and Health ¨the non-REM stages of sleep seem to prime the brain for good learning the next day. If you haven’t slept, your ability to learn new things could drop by up to 40%. “You can’t pull an all-nighter and still learn effectively.¨

If we had no homework I feel like we would have better grades and be more productive during class time. There would be less missing work which would help the teachers, fewer students would be failing classes, and there would be less falling asleep in class. I just feel like if we had no homework it would benefit all of us.

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