Honors History class goes to John A. Logan Museum


Francesca Messerschmidt

Juniors Jacob Mitchell, Jaxon Quisenberry and Mackenzie Partain examine artifacts at the John A. Logan museum. They took notes about things at the museum and recorded which artifacts were their favorites

Kelee Mills, Staff Writer

The Honors U.S. History class went on a field trip last week. The class visited the General John A. Logan Museum in Murphysboro. 

 The students got to see a lot of different parts of Logan’s life. 

“The trip was very fun and informational,” junior Avery Woodlard said. “The museum was a cool walk through his life.” 

The students also learned about Logan’s role in the Civil War.
“We learned about the different artifacts such as a tree stump, water gourd, and weapons that contributed to the information of John A. Logan’s life and the war,” junior Kylan Jerrell said. 

History teacher Marj DeNeal also enjoyed the visit.

“My favorite part of the museum was seeing a letter that General U.S. Grant wrote to John A. Logan,” DeNeal said. “Also seeing the kids have a good time and learn something new.” 

The students also had a tour guide while they were at the museum. 

“The tour guide took us to different parts of John A. Logan’s life from his early life, to his politics after the war,” Jerrell said. 

The students also got to see some of Logan’s photographs and what his family looked like. 

“We got to see some of John A. Logan’s old pictures, weapons, drums, and more,” Woodlard said. “There were also some life size figurines set up of him and his family.” 

This was the first time DeNeal had taken a class to this location to learn about more of what they have been learning in class. 

“This is my first time taking the Honors U.S. History class to the museum, but I would like you to see it become a yearly experience to visit somewhere that coincides with the curriculum,” DeNeal said.