Allen invites students to take a last walk down Sloan Street


Ellie Rann

Allen stands at the counter where his father, Kenneth Allen, once stood.

Ellie Rann, Staff Writer

Ask anyone at HHS and a majority of students will say they have walked to Sloan Street Market at least once during their high school years. With the impending closing of the store, many are reminiscing about the memories they have made at Sloan Street and how they are grateful for all the time the business spent providing for those in the community. 

Brett Allen, the owner of Sloan Street Market, has been in business for many years. Several parents, and a few grandparents, of high school students have known Allen’s family throughout the several years of his ownership of the store.

“The building was built in 1942, but was not originally called Sloan Street Market. This business started for my family in 1957. My grandparents worked until my grandfather retired and my parents took over from there. I helped my parents work during my childhood until I took over in 1986. I have owned and ran the store ever since,” Allen said.

Allen’s grandparents bought the building in 1962, so much of his adolescence was spent helping with the store.

“I grew up in this store. I’ve worked since I was probably 12-years-old. My whole life has been working here with my family,” Allen said. 

Similar to many jobs in small towns, throughout his many years as manager, there have been hardships. 

“When I took over, Harrisburg had over 10,000 people,” Allen said. “And when my parents were in charge, there were probably 12,000 people. There were also little grocery stores everywhere, so it was common to have many people come in each day. Now, Harrisburg is probably the smallest it’s ever been, which makes it harder to run/own your own business. You also have Walmart and other grocery stores with more variety. But along with the increase in inflation and taxes, it’s hard to make money.” 

While there have been some flaws, Allen is extremely grateful for the opportunity he’s been given while owning Sloan Street.

“The best part of this job has been meeting so many people. I’ve gotten to know a lot of great customers and made friends through this business. Because of these great people, I’ve made a good living. My grandparents made a living through this job along with my parents, and now it’s time for me to retire and reflect on the great memories this job has given me,” Allen said.

Allen isn’t the only one who is reflecting on the great moments at Sloan Street. Sloan Street Market means a great deal to many students at HHS and has for many years. Senior Ross Rider remembers walking with his friends to lunch at the market and is sad to see this tradition come to an end.

“Sloan Street Market has always been a cornerstone of high school lunch. Getting a sandwich at Sloan Street with my friends is among my fondest high school memories,” Rider said. “And it truly will be missed by many.”

The employees at Sloan Street have grown extremely fond of Allen and his hard work over the years. Allen is very appreciative of their work throughout the past couple of months before the closing. He says he truly couldn’t have done this without them.
“We have loved our regulars through the years and it has been rewarding to work for a staple of Harrisburg,” the employees at Sloan Street said. “We have made a lot of friendships.”

The store will be closing at the end of April. Until the closing, Allen says “we will make it as close to ‘business as usual’ as we can make it.” Allen explains he is extremely lucky to have been able to do this business for so long. 

“We have had so many people come in, too many to count, so to the high school students, customers, and friends, I appreciate every single one of you,” Allen said.