English teacher seizes new career opportunity


Sarah Girtman

English teacher Elizabeth Dawe sits at her desk. Dawe will be promoted to assistant principal at West Side elementary for the next school year.

Sarah Girtman, Staff Writer

English teacher Elizabeth Dawe has been working in this district for 24 years. A new opportunity has arisen for her, as she has been chosen to be the new assistant principal at West Side Elementary.

Dawe says that she loves teaching, but she is ready for a change.

“I will always be dedicated to education, I’ll always be a teacher at heart, but I’m just excited about a new career path,” said Dawe.

Dawe will have different tasks as an assistant principal than she had as a teacher.

“I’ll be supervising teachers, evaluating teachers, and I’ll be the main person for discipline when students get sent to the office,” said Dawe. 

Another change for Dawe is those with whom she will interact on a daily basis. 

“Instead of working with just the students, I’ll be working with the students and teachers,” said Dawe

Assistant principal Phillips Nyberg has set some expectations for her.

I have very high expectations for Mrs. Dawe,” Nyberg said.  “Based on her experiences as a department chair, Building Leadership Team member, and District Leadership Team member, I expect Mrs. Dawe to help support the growth of our students here at West Side.”

Dawe has already been given her first assignment as assistant principal.

“Mrs. Dawe has already started coming to West Side to shadow and learn the day to day operations,” Nyberg said. “We are already placing some responsibilities on her to help prepare for summer school and next school year.”

Dawe believes that she will be an asset to the school.

“I can use my knowledge and education to help plan curriculum and really just be a support system to the students,” said Dawe.

The job will bring up new challenges for Dawe.

“Any transition comes with its challenges,” Nyberg said. “I would say Mrs. Dawe’s biggest challenge will be learning more about the behaviors and learning styles of primary aged children, but I am confident that she will quickly gain that understanding,” Nyberg said.

Dawe agrees that there will be new challenges.

“Both careers are challenging, but in their own ways,” said Dawe. “So I think it’ll be a different type of challenge.”

Dawe and Nyberg will be sharing their responsibilities.                

“Mrs. Dawe and I will work as a team, sharing all responsibilities,” Nyberg said. “These responsibilities include supporting teachers, helping teachers implement and maintain curriculums, handling discipline, planning events, collaborating with other administrators, and building partnerships with parents and the community in order to provide our students with the best educational opportunities possible.”

Dawe would take on other career possibilities if given the chance, but she said that she would prefer to stay in the district.

“My family and I moved from Thompsonville to Harrisburg so we could be part of the community of this school,” said Dawe.

Nyberg looks forward to working with Dawe.

“I can’t wait to see the amazing things we will accomplish at West Side,” Nyberg said.