School shootings threaten students well-being


Sarah Girtman, Staff Writer

This generation seems to be facing more challenges than any previous generation. An example of that would be school shootings, which have significantly been increasing each year. 

There has been approximately a 47% increase in school shootings since 2018 according to Education Week . 

School shootings are a serious issue that needs to be addressed properly and seriously. The consequences can be physical injuries, mental health issues, and even death. They can also affect things and people outside of the school itself.

Regardless of whether a shooting occurs in a community with high crime and violence or in a community that is historically safe and stable, school shootings have lasting ramifications for each family and also impact relationships among community members including parents, the school, law enforcement, and local government,” the staff of Center for Violence Prevention said.

School shootings have long-term effects on students. Students who have been a victim of a school shooting, or have even just been in a school where one has taken place can leave the person with severe PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which can ultimately affect them academically and mentally.  

Students exposed to shootings at their schools are less likely to graduate high school, go to college, and graduate college, and they are less likely to be employed and have lower earnings in their mid-20s,” writer Maya Rossin-Slater said. 

Students who aren’t direct victims or who have been in a school where a school shooting has taken place can still be affected by it. With the number of incidents increasing, students’ fear of school around the country also increases. 

So how can this school make a change?

Our school has procedures put in place to avoid prevent people who do not attend the school from having unauthorized access to the building. Students also practice intruder drills, and administration even made a rule for students to have clear backpacks as an extra precaution. 

But there is always more to be done. Regular mental health evaluations could could identify students with the type of mental health problems that prompt violent acts? and addressing any discrimination or bullying in the school will help. It is imperative that teachers, counselors and administrators listen to students’ concerns and intervene when there is a problem to lessen the chances of a student retaliating for something that hurts them.

School should be a safe place where any student can be allowed to learn, and it is everybody’s job to keep it that way.