Election Day Presents a Conversation For Future Voters


Triton Kielhorn, Staff Writer

Election Day has come and gone, but the impact of the elections has yet to be seen. New voters got their chance to voice their opinion for the first time, as future voters look forward to doing the same. 

Senior Evan McDermott is a new voter this year.  “I feel it is important to vote because I believe everyone’s opinion matters, especially during this time,” McDermott said. 

Casting a ballot is a new feeling for rookie voters. McDermott was excited about finally having the opportunity to fill out his ballot.“ It was my first time being able to do it and I hope other new voters did the same,” McDermott said. 

The votes lead to the decisions made by the elected officials, which is a touchy subject for some. “I’m unsure how to feel about the results because the winners left me confused and worried about the future,” McDermott said.

 Junior Nathan Andrea shares this opinion with McDermott. “I don’t feel confident about the future of our state because our tax dollars are being wasted on things that aren’t beneficial to the people,” Andrea said. 

Andrea is passionate about politics and is excited to be able to vote in the near future. “ I am excited to be able to vote as I will be doing an important duty as an American,” Andrea said. Andrea believes that the right to vote is extremely important to the current and future citizens of the country. “I feel it is important to vote because not all countries are able to vote like we can. It also can change the way our future kids are raised,” Andrea said. 

Junior Zaine Hathway has quite the opposite views of McDermott and Andrea. Hathaway is involved with politics, but he acknowledges the sensitivity of the subject. 

“The state of politics is very polarized and divisive, which keeps me from being fully excited to vote,” Hathaway said.

Hathaway is confident in the future of the state. Hathaway believes the officials will lead us in what he believes is the right direction. “I am confident in Illinois’ future as a blue state and protecting women’s right of choice.” Hathaway said.