Volleyball team has rocky season


Riley Mize

Both teams, Eldorado Eagles and Harrisburg Ladydogs, gather together before the game.

Caleigh Whiting, Staff Writer

The varsity volleyball team has had a rocky season so far, with a record of 5-14. 

While volleyball is a team sport, those who have not played with the certain group of girls before often don’t understand how to communicate and work together just to score a point. Among many factors that play into volleyball, one thing that senior Sidney Neal is sure of is that they need to work on their communication.

“I think we all really need to improve our communication on the court,” Neal said. “That’s been one of our biggest struggles this season. I also think we need to work on not being so hard on ourselves. When one of us has a bad attitude, it brings the whole team down.”

Fellow senior Alaina Stone concurs.

“We definitely need to improve our communication on the court,” Stone said. 

There are other factors that the experienced members of the team feel would help the team out, such as the players having more confidence in themselves and their actions. 

“We need everyone to start being team players and we need to have more confidence when playing,” senior Kayleigh Hodge said.  

Hodge also feels that the experience level of the team impacts their play. 

“With the number of underclassmen on the team, it makes it more difficult for us all to communicate with each other because we do not all have the same levels of confidence,” Hodge said.  

While the varsity team has not had the best season so far, the freshman volleyball team has a record of 11-3. The freshmen this year have been working hard to win their games, and freshman Sophie Rann believes that the team’s success will continue to increase as the team grows closer.

“Since this is our first year of high school volleyball, we have worked hard in and out of practice to make the most of it and win our games,” said Rann. “I feel our success is very well earned and will continue to increase throughout the years as we grow closer together. This hopefully means even more success in the future.”