Get those facts straight


Ayden Price , Staff Writer

Rumors are easy to start. One might tell the truth to a friend and that friend might repeat it, but might mix the words just a little. Before you know it, false information is being circulated. 

Social media is the number one source of how rumors starts with our generation. It’s just gossip with friends, then it leads on to much more. Then one group knows,  then another one, and then the whole school knows and sometimes it leads to bullying. 

In today’s society most people do not check their facts before giving their opinion on a situation. What does it mean to get your facts straight? It means to understand something correctly. 

Facts help to paint a fuller picture. Without facts we’d move forward on the foundation of misinformation, and our decisions would be influenced by incorrect assumptions or opinions. 

So why is it important to check your facts before speaking? The first reason is to build trust. In order for others to believe what you say, they need to be able to trust what you say. That’s why it is important to check the facts before making them public. 

The second reason is to gain authority. Having authority increases the chances of others listening to what you have to say.  The more authority you have the more likely people are to trust you and your opinion. 

The last reason is to stand out from the crowd. Using your facts to help others succeed will help you stand out from the crowd. 

To stop spreading false rumors, it is crucial to get both sides of the story. Make sure that what you have heard is true. If a person is well known for not giving  correct information, then proceed with caution. And remember that just not sharing the rumor at all is always the best method for making sure that false information isn’t spread.