Long lunch lines causing multiple problems


Celine Barnett

Students stand in line during lunch waiting to get their food.

Celine Barnett, Staff Writer

Students are facing daily frustration regarding lunch period delays.  

They did not have to punch in lunch codes during the pandemic, but things have changed. At the beginning of the semester, students were informed that they would have to provided their ID when getting their lunch. 

“I don’t usually have enough time to eat lunch, and don’t get to finish most of the time,”  sophomore Laura Behnke said. “The line is in a very inconvenient place, and it blocks traffic for the students trying to leave the cafeteria.”

In fact, some students have been skipping meals. 

“The lines are so long, sometimes I just give up,” sophomore Hunter Bayne said.

Some think it would be more efficient if there were multiple lunch periods so the lines would not be so long.

“I think if they called us down by our grade, things would go much more smoothly,” junior Bryleigh Lewis said.  

Most of the students, along with the staff of the high school, hope the problems will be fixed soon and that lunch will go by quicker.

“It could improve the wait time if there were two lunch periods in my opinion,” Alisha-Pounders  Shaw, one of the cooks, said.

Staff and students are hoping that the administration will implement some changes to improve this problem.