Good Dogs Day returns after two years


Briley Houston

Students compete in tug-of-war

Sarah Girtman

Good Dogs Day has been put on hold since school closed due to COVID in March 2020. Between remote learning and block schedule, they haven’t been able to hold it. This year is the year they have brought it back. 


Good Dogs Day is a chance for students to have some fun. The student council creates events that lets students get a day full of activities for them to do.


“I think that Good Dogs Day was a really good activity to have this year,” physical science and biology teacher Taryn Dewar said. “It was our first really big event for the students without masks, and it seems like it brought all of the classes together with a little friendly competition.” 


The talent show was one of the events that took place. Each student who signed up got to showcase a talent they have. There were  singers, dancers and even a guitar soloist. 

Senior Kirsten Eversman and junior Sophia Dawe tied for “Most Talented.” They competed for first place with a sing-off won by Eversmann. 


“It was such a cool experience to win the talent show even though this was my first time competing,” senior Kirsten Eversmann said. “There were several great acts, and I’m very proud of everyone who participated for getting out there and showing the whole school their talents.” 


Each class also competed in other activities such as the trivia competition, the air guitar contest, a relay race, tug-of-war, and dodgeball. 


Seniors won with four points, while juniors and freshmen scored two points (though juniors scored second place winning one of their competitions)  and sophomores gained one point.


“It’s a fun experience for everyone,” senior Chelsea Jaegers said. “Even if you lose, it’s fun for everyone to do.”


Overall, students found the day to be a chance to have fun and relax a bit without having classwork.


“Today was a great day to spend time with friends and have a great time,” freshman Reed Rider said.