Pi Day celebration donations support former teacher’s new baby


Francesca Messerschmidt

(Left to right) Rita Griffiths, Steve Vinyard, and Marcus Questelle after getting a pie to the face

Francesca Messerschmidt, Staff Writer

The math department held a Pi Day celebration in order to raise money for former agriculture and math teachers Nick and Kara James and their new daughter, Tenley.

Tenley was born several months premature and will require an extended hospital stay in a neonatal intensive care unit. 

The celebration took place March 14 and consisted of recreating a pi symbol with the student body, a shirt and poster decorating contest, a contest to see who could recite the most digits of pi, and the main event, pieing teachers in the face.

The teachers who were pied were math teachers Marcus Questelle and Rita Griffiths and substitute teacher Steve Vinyard. 

“We wanted to take something educational and have some fun with it,” said math teacher Kyle Brames.

Brames thought the assembly and celebration went well.

“I’m not sure if I’d change anything in the future,” Brames said. “Maybe organizational wise, but not the actual assembly.”

Vinyard agreed with Brames about the assembly and events going well. 

“I liked how everyone was in the pi on the floor,” said Vinyard. “The drone was cool and I liked everyone’s posters.”

Of the teachers with the most donations, Vinyard was one to receive a pie to the face.

“I had a good time,” Vinyard said. “It was for a good cause for Mr. and Mrs. James, and it was good. All the kids involved were enthusiastic.”

Overall, the donations totaled to $1,030. 

“More money will be coming in as well,” said Brames.

Key Club donated $300 as well as donations from the faculty.