Southern Illinois College hosts STEM Day


Sarah Girtman

An SIC instructor teaches atomic structure to students.

Sarah Girtman

STEM Day is for students interested in a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to visit Southeastern Illinois College. Students from attending schools in the county were put into eight different rotations depending on the two sessions they signed up for. They then attended the sessions which were 45 minutes each. 

Nineteen students attended this year.

“It gives (students) a chance to learn that there are lots of possibilities and lots of careers in their future,” college and career counselor Glenn McKinstrey said.

The students enjoyed their time at the college.

“I had so much fun and learned a lot,” junior McKenna Boon said.

The students also thought the staff at SIC was very welcoming.

“All of the faculty was very kind, happy, and seemed grateful to have us there,”sophomore Jayci Elam said.

Some students feel that the day could have been improved.

“I feel like having more time with the professors and the day being longer would improve what SIC has to offer for people interested in STEM,” Boon said.

Other students believe there should have been more sessions.

“I believe that the thing that could be improved would be allowing more rotations to go through, and extending the times so that it’s longer throughout the day to do those rotations,” Elam said.

Some students are already thinking about going next year.

“I can’t wait to go again next year and hopefully meet new people,” Boon said.